After 3 months, at last, we bring you Chicago Food Guys. I’m almost tempted to outline the development hell that was creating this, and could easily go into detail about everything down to even the social/code-community reasons for why building a Django app in Chicago is a BAD IDEA. And as the lead programmer for the parent company of Chicago Food Guys, I’m embarrassed to say that the basic layout, this will not be true after this post is a year old, was set up in 2 hours and as many of sleep. So ignoring the words of our CEO “why was this not up three months ago”, let’s get into Chicago Food Guys.

The Guys, are Tom, and myself, David. 

Tom is a man of many hats, he claims to have consumed over 1000 different beers in his 28 years. He is a deep aficionado of Cocktails, Italian Wine and Food. His time as a consultant for the Chartis Group has afforded him the opportunity to travel and eat his way around the country, and his international travels have taken him everywhere from Peru, Ireland, and if social media is true, he is currently in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. If he doesn’t write of that, he WILL be Fired from this Blog!!! His articles will be focused primarily on cocktails, and as his camera is superior to mine, recipes.

As for myself, I would claim to be the continentalist of the group. I’ve eaten my way around Washington DC, Chicago, Northern Michigan, and the area around Austin Texas. I’ve worked with the technological side of the Food Industry for three years, and have gone as far as to stage for a month in some of Chicago’s best restaurants to see how they use technology within the fine dining industry… they don’t, not really. I will be doing regular wine and recipe reviews. 

As for the Blog itself. We agreed on five categories. Each of which could be subcategorized based on the complexity of the subject matter at hand. We settled on Wine, Restaurants, Recipes, the Bar, and Travel. And to begin elaboration, let’s start where the real talk on most serious things actually begins

The Bar: This is probably our broadest category. It includes reviews of spirits, beers, cocktails, basically anything alcoholic that isn’t wine. But it’d be criminal to ignore one crucial aspect of Chicago Culture. Everyone in this city, who drinks, has a go-to bar. For me, it’s Halligans. For Tom, the Whole Foods bar at Lincoln Ave/Addison. We will be reviewing bars and what makes them such great places. From the diviest dives to upscale cocktail bars such as Violet Hour. I also want to make one thing clear. Under no circumstances, will we review Night Clubs. This isn’t because they aren’t fun to go to. But because a place to rave is not a place to take in a relaxing drink. 

Recipes: What would a Food Blog be if not for its Recipes? Half of the ideation behind this blog happened over Tom and I cooking together. You’re gonna see a FLOOD of Pasta Recipes once Tom begins uploading to here, I don’t think that there is any way around that. I will, however, be massively pissed if he doesn’t have any plans for recipes when he returns from Asia… My own recipes will probably shape out to technique based recipes. I might even make a beer for this blog, though that is TBD. I also think that, in time, we might begin running quality tests on various gadgets, though this is at least seven months out. 

Wine: This… is way too complicated to through under the bar category. I think the case will be made for including ciders and maybe fruit beers in here too. We’re not going to talk about the High Snobriety aspects of wine. In fact, just forget that bit entirely. When we do a wine, cider, or to extend cat.{{bar}} beer review. We plan to examine the wine itself, the producer, the year, and explain them all in as clear and enjoyable of a way as possible. After all, after a long day, the best thing that you can sometimes have is a simple glass of wine. 

Restaurants: The beauty of Chicago’s restaurant scene is that regardless of if you have $15 or $150, you can have a great meal at a great restaurant in this city. The order of these will be random, and occasionally impulsive. We will include the price point, style, and whether or not you should plan on getting a reservation.

Travel: This will likely be the area we post to the least, there are a few trips that both Tom and myself, have in the works. These will also be our longest articles and will be teased weeks in advance. 

Above all else, we want you to have fun reading this blog. It was created for fun, and should be read for the same reason. We can’t wait to start bring you content and until then, eat well.


Technical Co-Founder and Software Developer at Grant Place Designs.

Lifelong Foodie, Wine Afficianado since College, Autism Advocate.

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